I’m self-appointed WLHA editorial director Dan Smith and here’s what makes me grumpy: Facebook. We all know, because we’ve seen the movie, that some Harvard students started Facebook as a way to rate co-eds. Classy. They called it Facesmash…then the Facebook…and today Facebook, who’s surviving founder now has enough money to buy Harvard. Today what used to a college thing is even a grandma and grandpa thing. Instead of rating Harvard co-eds you can now see just about every photo and read just about every thought of someone—even if you wouldn’t talk to them in real life. Real life? No one cares about your real life on Facebook. We want the good stuff. Cats on bikes. Unintelligible memes. Men getting hit in the groin. Not sure that’s what the Zucker kid had in mind but who wouldn’t laugh at a well-placed kick. I’m grumpy old Dan Smith. Listen to these almost editorials Monday-Friday on WLHA radio radio.