This is self-appointed WLHA editorial director Grumpy Old Dan Smith and here’s what makes me grumpy. Bumper Stickers. Since when did the rear bumper of a Toyota Prius become a forum for democracy? If you want to brag about your kid who just made the Memorial High School honor roll, I’m all for it. But please save your opinions about how the world is ending and why it’s my fault.  Or maybe try a more appropriate forum like the Oyster bar on the corner. And I really don’t care who you’re voting for and while I’m at it you might want to scrape your Howard Dean for President sticker off your bumper. So, please don’t distract me while I’m driving and texting my wife. Just read my bumper sticker: I’m sorry, my karma just ran over your dogma. Listen to grumpy old Dan Smith weekdays on WLHA the Big 64.