This is self-appointed WLHA editorial director Grumpy Old Dan Smith and here’s what makes me grumpy: Medicine cabinets. The medicine cabinet has become, like the junk drawer, one of those places in your home to put stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else. I have three different sizes of razor blades in mine, even though I have a beard. Piled on the razor blades are thin bars of soaps from hotels because if I’m paying that much for a room, I’m taking the soap, shampoo and shower cap. I have four brands of after-shave. Did I mention I have a beard? I have two razors that don’t fit any of the blades and parts of what I think was an electric razor. The only thing any of these things have in common is that they are in my medicine cabinet crammed in there by me. There are ointments, remedies, sunscreens, chap sticks band aids, two kind of laxatives—just in case—and oil for my electric razor. Did I mention I have a beard?  What’s not in my medicine cabinet is order. Fortunately, my medicine cabinet has a door that has a mirror so when I close it, I can get a good look at the guy who has no clue of what he has in his own medicine cabinet. A true reflection what makes me grumpy. I’m Grumpy Old Dan Smith listen to me six times a day on WLHA, the Big 64.