Clickbait is usually a headline or an image or on the internet designed to hook you into clicking on it. Really important stuff like Thirty surprising things you don’t know about the Beverly Hillbillies. Upon draining Niagara Falls, engineers make horrific discovery. Actors who refused to kiss their co-stars. Click baits come with warnings: Warning: what happens next may shock you. Really, you won’t believe it. The publishers of click bait have one goal: page views. The theory goes that the more clicks you get, the more publishers can charge advertisers. That’s why you can learn How did the Simpsons predict the future? 36 weird things at Walmart. Only 36? And why Mackenzie from Love Island says she’s more than big boobs and blond hair. Why would I need to know more than that? I’m not sure I want to know what happens next and so far, the only thing that has shocked me is how much time I’ve spent clicking images of MacKenzie. At least the Tik Tok hanger challenge was fun. I’m Grumpy Old Dan Smith warning you that what happens next may shock you or make you get up and dance because you listen to WLHA the Big 64.