This is WLHA’s self-appointed editorial director Grumpy Old Dan Smith and here’s what makes me grumpy: Streaming. Streaming technology started when some smart people discovered a way to send stuff between two places without wires. It became what we call radio, then television, then streaming text and today streaming delivers tv shows, movies, music, games and, yes, radio like WLHA the Big 64. People cut their cables, took down their satellite dishes and today subscribe to places like YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, Spotify anything else that’s been invented in the last ten minutes. It’s all great when it works. Nothing pleases a TV sports fan more than when their picture freezes before the umpire makes a call. Mystery fans really like it when the stream stops right before the killer is revealed. Remember those days when you turned on a faucet and water came out? If you had to stream it, you could die of thirst. I know, I know, streaming is here to stay so live with it. Besides what could possibly go wrong on the internet. I’m grumpy old Dan Smith.