Here’s what make me grumpy: emails—or more precisely emails that sound like your mother yelling at you. Since we can’t raise our voice in print, we are tempted to use things like italics, bold print, underlining and my favorite: multiple exclamation points to underscore what we’re trying to communicate. Here’s what this styling says to me: You must think I’m stupid and unless you put it in all caps, italicized and bolded I have better chance being the next Space X pilot than understanding your email. Do we really need more ways to yell at each other? I promise to follow company policy, clean out my green mac and cheese from the company fridge and fudge my expense report in a timely manner. Save your exclamation points for the next email you get in all caps. I’m Grumpy Old Dan Smith here more of my grumps on WLHA, the Big 64.