Grumpy Old Dan Smith is a “sort of editorial” that airs weekdays on WLHA, the Big 64 internet radio station. WLHA began as a University of Wisconsin student radio station and has survived through the efforts of former and current broadcasters, who have too much time and used equipment on their hands. It’s fun stuff. Here’s what they say: “The unique “music and malarkey” format of WLHA is playful time trip radio with a mischievous attitude. You’ll hear great vintage music from our vast library, spook commercials, jingles, CBS News and live on-air personalities having a blast doing fun radio. We hope you will join in to BE THERE with us.” On this site we’ll publish the scripts of these “sort of editorials” and invite your comments about them or just what makes you grumpy. So join the fun, vent your grump. Ideally, we’d like to avoid politics and generally mean stuff. Get the radio station from your favorite app store or go here.

WLHA The Big 64, back around 1964, when we wore ties.