Remember the good old days when you went into a store with a pocket full of bit coins and bought something? Pretty simple…here’s my money, give me my stuff and maybe I’ll see you soon. Today you don’t just buy stuff, you subscribe to it. We subscribe to the stuff we watch on TV, maybe a newspaper or a magazine or a particular service like lawn care. But now the subscription model is showing up in unlikely places. In the past week I received offers from a pain patch company and a wine club to sign up for a subscription. My favorite was an offer to join a “rock star t-shirt” subscription service where you receive a new rock star t-shirt every month. Nice Def Leopard shirt…I can’t wait for my Ozzie Ozburn shirt next month. Rest assured we will never offer the big 64 as a subscription service. All you have to do is sit back, turn your radio on and wonder how any of us got on the air in the first place. I’m Grumpy Old Dan inviting you to listen to WLHA, the big 64.