A study found that the pandemic caused a decrease in our sexual desire, pleasure, and frequency. It makes sense, sort of. Let’s look a bit deeper. Right before the pandemic nearly a quarter of Americans said they had no sex at all in the past year. None. Even young people, who owe it to their species to get busy, are more and more likely to be sexually inactive. Scholars, and you know who you are, suggest many reasons for this decline: poisons in the environment, depression, and drug use. Others suggest video games or pornography as reasons. But I don’t think you need PhD in psychology to figure this one out. It’s the internet…silly. The internet welcomes you no matter how poorly you behave. You don’t have to shave or smell great. It’s always on and waiting just for you. It’s fun, addictive and never gets a headache. You see this love affair wherever you go. Crossing the street, driving down the freeway or out to dinner with your other. Look at the modern couple in the restaurant. They used to stare passionately into each other’s eyes. Now they’re lost in a romance with their phones. As someone way smarter than me pointed out, “staring at your phone everywhere you go is the new public display of affection.” So don’t tell me fewer people are enjoying sex. We seem to be in an orgy of technology. Be kind to your devices and they promise to be there for you no matter how you smell. I’m Grumpy Old Dan inviting you to listen to WLHA.